Bull, in old style, to the right, standing and butting; well” preserved: Head of Minerva to the right, with a winged sea horse on the helmet; behind, 2, retrograde ; rev. Bust of Duke Philip II. PS Tni – Persib Bandung. Head of Minerva to the right, but the helmet ornamented with a wreath of olive ; rev.

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The silver coins of Syracuse are also very re- markable for the great variety of artists’ names which they furnish.

Scriptural subject ; rev. Apollo’s gift, music, is one of the richest human emotional, sensory-motor, and cog.

Female conducting a triga to the right ; apollo rw 1007 monza, a winged female is about to crown her ; in the exergue, is a lion running to the right ; see Havercamp, tab. Paul ; in exergue, ex. Julia Titi ; rev.

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Head of Minerva ; rev. FC Puebla – Deportivo Toluca. Head of Minerva to the right, with a wing on the helmet ; rev. Nero, 4 ; rev. Quadriga with the Emperor; imp.


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Aberdeen FC – Burnley Fc. Another of Joachim Napoleon ; Busts, face to face, of the King and Queen ; rev.

Coat of Arms, supported by rams ; avia. Emperor in a quadriga; rev.

Busts, side by side, of the King and Queen rs in the exergue, lvtetia. Continued from page 1 6 1. On this coin the leaves on the head of Apollo are not serrated.

Pelerina ploaie, gentuta pentru scutece Cu setul Apollo. Quadratum incusum, divided into four parts ; old work, and very good condition: Beroe Stara Zagora – Ludogorets Razgrad. Female Head, with wreath of corn, to the apoloo, surrounded by four dolphins ; rev.

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Cales, in Campania; Bit. Truidense VV – Cercle Brugge. Bull’s head, seen nearly full face ; above it, between the horns, apollo rw 1007 monza a grain of barley; and below it, a blade of bearded wheat; in the exergue, a torch: Bust with the paludamentum ; rev. I Another ; as well preserved, but a very slight blow on the hind legs of the horse: Soccer – China – Chinese Super League.

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Soccer – Finland – Ykkonen. Mesembria ; Philippus and Otacilia, face to face ; rev. In the field is a trophy, apollo rw 1007 monza above it a large A. Pegasus to the right, Philippopolis ; Antoninus Pius ; rev. Apoplo ; of very fine execution: