Make the necessary settings, and then click [OK]. To use a printer not listed here, click [Specify Address], and then enter the IP address or host name of the printer. Canceling A Print Job If the print job you want to cancel is being printed Check if the print job you want to cancel is currently being printed. Select the printer you want to use in the [Printers and Faxes] box. At most, the printer can store up to pag- es for 1 job.

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Preparing for Printing Only printers that respond to a broadcast from the computer appear.

When printing a binary file, add the “-ol” option lowercase O, and lowercase When using gestetnrr printer with the host name “host” to print a PostScript file named “file 1” located in the “C: Page 79 In this case, no change is necessary for option settings. Configure the settings, and then click [OK].

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Cover Therefore, if the cover paper is set to landscape orien- tation, the orientation cover and body will be different. Displayed Items may differ gesstetner on the printers.

While the network printer is printing, another user cannot access it until the job is finished. Tray 3 No Paper: Page 75 As the Bluetooth password, enter the last four digits of the printer’s serial number. Information About Installed Applications Appendix Information about Installed Applications expat Use of the software installed on this product, including the controller hereinafter “software” and the expat Version 1.


Follow the procedure below to use the printer as a remote printer under NetWare 4. Page of Go.

Hole Punch Receptacle Full: Set Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Use the “set” command to set the protocol information display “active” or “inac- tive”. In the [Class of new object] box, click [Printer], and then click [OK].

Gestetner C7425dn Software Manual

Page 23 Specify whether or not to print a test page, and then click [Finish]. In the [Remote Printer No. Make the following settings: In the list, select a printer you want to manage.

The printer properties gestetjer box appear. Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Parameter auth [open shared] rate [auto 11m 5. Page The version number of the network interface board is displayed. You can form feed using tray. Yellow Toner Not Detected: The system log can be viewed using the “syslog” command.

Gestetner Cdn Black Toner Cartridge (OEM) 15, Pages

Click the [Details] tab, and then click [Configure Port]. Restart the computer and reinstall other software pro- grams or printer drivers. Checking the Error Log When a print job is not saved on the hard disk, it remains in the error log and can be checked using the control panel. Yestetner Capacity and Paper Size Additional memory apart from standard memory may be required depending on the paper size and data type.


If you cannot install it properly even after attempting reinstallation, contact your sales or service repre- sentative. Methods of addition vary depending on operating systems. If interfaces are changed, the new interface inherits the configuration.


Select the object in which the printer is located, and then click [Create] on the [Object] menu. In the [Printer name] box, enter the printer name Select the [Define additional properties] check box, and then click [Create].

Page Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Restricting Functions Follow the procedure below gestrtner restrict use of individual functions.