JS Session Storage – restricted -. Explore our device data. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events. Screen Color Depth – restricted -. The device is a mobile phone. JS Json – restricted -. JS Web Workers – restricted -.

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Is Mobile Phone – restricted.

The device is a media player. OS iOS – restricted. JS XHR – restricted. The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. This can be used as a substitute for the boolean OS properties.

HTC P (HTC Herald) image | Device Specs | PhoneDB

Screen Width – restricted. Is Set Top Box – restricted. Internal Storage Capacity – restricted. Verify that a page protected with SSL is p43351 properly. Flash Capable – restricted. Device Browser Information and properties on all devices.

There was a problem saving your opinion. The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is defined with the protocol smsto followed by a telephone number e. Device Pixel Ratio – restricted. Supports Client Side – restricted.


Usable Display Height – restricted. MP3 – restricted.

The browser supports CSS transforms. Please choose or enter an opinion value.

User may touch the screen to interact with the device. JS Support Console Log – restricted. Size of a SIM card supported by a device. CSS Transitions – restricted. This includes enhancements within the 2G range, e. Hgc Version – restricted. The Number of cores in a CPU. Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc. The ability to display a PNG image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object.

Is TV – restricted. Chipset Vendor – restricted. The name or type of the browser on the device.

HTC P4351 (HTC Herald) image

The supplier of the operating system. CSS Animations – restricted.

User-Agent examples Please login to view the User-Agent strings for this device only available for commercial license holders.

Screen Height – restricted .